Phountain: Sayville's New Health and Wellness Center

Life extension health club and alkaline water store has soft opening this week.

The Old Kayla's Kards storefront at 31 Main Street has a new tenant: Phountain, a life extension health club and alkaline water store.

Owner Glenn Taylor, former owner of a real estate appraisal company, already has two Phountain locations in West Islip and East Islip. He is excited about bringing his health products and services to the Sayville community.

Taylor developed the entire concept of the store and some of the products he sells. He is an advocate for keeping one's body as acid and toxin free as possible by drinking alkaline water along with such services as detoxifying foot baths, vibration therapy, hydro colon therapy, hot yoga and more. One of his best selling products is a formula he created called Green PHactor made with alkalizing natural ingredients.

Taylor opened his first Phountain Store in West Islip two years ago. He is very passionate about the health benefits of his products and the story that prompted him to do research and invest much of his time is a moving one.

After his 28-year-old cousin lost her battle with breast cancer, Taylor was looking for an answer. "As I was mourning the loss of my baby cousin, I decided to take cancer into my own hands and started doing research the next day after the funeral," he said.

Subsequently, a family friend recommended he read a book called The PH Miracle, which prompted him to investigate even further. With diligence and determination, he found the answer he was looking for. "I went to my computer and I typed in, 'can cancer survive in an alkaline body?' and the first thing that came up was that every cancer researcher knows it cannot survive in an alkaline body, but survives in an acidic body. Literally, my life changed from that moment on," Taylor said.

Taylor's philosophy is that you can only prevent cancer and cannot cure it. "How many people in the world want a cure for cancer? Everybody does. It's a trick by the definition of the word cure. Cure means something bad has to happen. The minute you go alkaline, you can prevent yourself from having to deal with it. You've been getting the wrong recipe of how to prevent it," he said. The products are aimed to also help boost energy and aid in prevention of acid reflux, heartburn, allergies and much more.

The store's soft opening started this week and by December 1, all services will be available. Hours of operation are 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. (subject to change).

Check Phountain's website for more information on its products, services and hours of operation.

Donna Galan November 05, 2011 at 01:36 PM
Yay!! Finally a place to buy alkaline products locally!!!
Dee Bee December 24, 2013 at 12:56 PM
To repost another reviewer: "Glenn and Phountain are despicable. Look at his dogs that he is irresponsibly breeding, one with cropped ears, that is animal abuse! He has posted a variety of lies including inventing a designer breed and lying about the temperament to sell puppies for profit while hundreds die in shelters of the same breed (pitbull) every day. Don't believe his lies, imagine what he would say to sell you "health supplements and services!" Lowest of the low here!" If I could submit no stars I would. Deletes and blocks all negative comments. I will be reporting him to the BBB and all other agencies I can.
Dee Bee December 24, 2013 at 12:56 PM
I will NEVER use or recommend this facility.


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