Patch Lunch Hour: A Soup That Feeds Like a Meal

New Patch feature offers up tips on mid-day food options, shopping specials, sights around town.

Patch is kicking off this new feature, which will randomly focus on anything that stirs our interest--from lunchtime food options to local business specials to happenings around town--with something warm and satisfying.

It's the seafood soup at Yum May in Bayport, in the 7-Eleven shopping center on Montauk Highway between Sylvan Avenue and Barrett Avenue.

Patch popped into the center unsure of how to satisfy hunger pains as the center offers lots of options: Subway, Salsa Salsa, bagels, Starbucks, Fresh Berry, Chinese (obviously) and the newest addition, That's Amore Pizza.

Despite the warm sun, it seemed like a great day for soup and Patch headed into Yum May aiming to get wonton/egg drop if they had it.

But nope, it was not on the extensive soup list but Seafood Soup caught our attention and now it's a favorite.

A pint ($4.10) offers up crabmeat and shrimp, as well as a medley of vegetables to one's great surprise. It typically comes with broccoli but Patch opted out of that veggie and was rewarded with extra shrimp courtesy of Yum May. What a great random act of kindness by the eatery.

Ed. Note: Purchases are made by Patch staff personally, not on a corporate card and no mention of Patch is made during purchase.

There were little corns, mushroom caps, slivers of carrot, snap peas and even a piece of pepper in the egg-drop base of the soup.

Terrific. Warming. Scrumptious.

And Patch learned one other thing while waiting to pay: Yum May has one of the most extensive lunch menus around with over 75 options (most Chinese lunch menus usually have a dozen choices) and most everything was between $4 and $6 bucks depending on choosing just rice, or the additional soup/egg roll.

And of course there was the usual fortune cookie. Patch loves fortunes.

Today's was this: People are not persuaded by what we say, but rather by what they understand.

Logical. What's never been logical to Patch, though, is whether you're really supposed to eat the 'cookie' part as it's not that great of a cookie. But maybe it's great with tea?


Got an idea for a Patch Lunch Hour excursion or food choice? Email judy.mottl@patch.com or comment below.


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