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Book Review: All Told: My Art & Life Among Athletes, Playboys, Bunnies & Provocateurs   

Hilary Topper  

LeRoy Neiman was an eccentric man who hob-knobbed with famous people and was well respected in the commercial art community. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t so respected in the fine art community.


Keep, Dump or Unsure: A Look at the Future of the Mets’ Offense

Daily Stache

I am upset, as a fan, not because the Mets have lost more than they've won since the all-star break, but it seems that they’ve quit on the season.

I listened to the entire Mike Francesa rant, and while I usually go out of my way to ignore the guy, he was spot on. This team is becoming an outright joke.

How to Connect with Your Spirit Guide  

Samantha Paitakis           

Any time you are engaged in doing something you absolutely take pleasure in, you are altering your state of consciousness to that of your true "be-ing".


Notes on Education from the Republican National Convention      

Meryl Ain, Ed.D.  

There have been a number of references to education in the various speeches at the convention.


Janet Russell Presents Weekly Insights            

Janet Russell

I am an Intuitive (Psychic) and a Spiritual Medium, I have been doing this work for about 50 years now, I also host and produce my own TV show actually two of them Beyond The Unexplained/Women of Spirit ( A live call in cable access show) as well as The Spirits Within.


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