Blue Point Couple Braves Blizzard to Deliver 'Baby Nemo'

Dawn and Nick Gentner traveled 15 miles in the thick of the blizzard to get to hospital.

Winter storm Nemo delivered a walloping amount of snow on Friday, but it didn’t stop the delivery of Loudon Gentner, whose parents braved the storm’s fury and traveled to St. Catherine of Siena Hospital during the thick of it.

Dawn Genter was at her home in Blue Point when her water broke at 9:55 Friday night, three days before her due date. Her husband Nick drove the 15 mile trip from their home in the couple’s pick up truck.

After hitting road blocks and passing stuck cars on Sunrise Highway, the Long Island Expressway and Route 25, the couple with  the assistance of a local emergency response vehicle, Nick was able to get his wife to the hospital. “My greatest fear in trying to get us to the hospital was seeing all the other cars that were stuck," said Nick.

"I just had to make sure that I did not get stuck." Dawn was coached via phone before she got to the hospital by the staff's  Clinical Nurse Specialist, Barbara Neuhaus. "She did this already, so I just helped her focus by reminding her that she could do it again," said Neuhaus.

"I also tell all my mothers to try and picture their baby and see themselves talking and holding them, and I think that helped too."

After being received by emergency staff at the hospital, the couple ushered in a 7 lb. 14 ounce healthy baby boy at 2:55 a.m. on Saturday.


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