Bayport-Blue Point Library Implements New Recycling Program

GreenDisk Technotrash system allows local library to dispose of out-of-circulation items in a secure and ecologically friendly way.

Technotrash at  can now be disposed of in a more environmentally-friendly way than ever before with the launch of the GreenDisk Technotrash system.

Bayport-Blue Point Library Director Mike Firestone said the library is the first on Long Island to implement the technotrash recycling program, which consists of a technotrash can, or collection box, specially made for the easy disposal of a wide variety of technotrash, such as out-of-circulation VHS tapes, CDs, used printer cartridges, and other items.  

With ten technotrash cans, Firestone expects to complete culling out-of-circulation VHS tapes and CDs for recycling within the next three to four months. This recycling option may be available to the Bayport-Blue Point Library community after the culling process.

“In addition to the important environmental benefits, technotrash is another excellent service that we hope to be able to offer to our library patrons at a cost-effective price,” Firestone said.

Additionally, the library periodically reviews its collection to retire out-of-circulation books.  According to Firestone, “those books that have not been taken out by our Library patrons in more than three years are retired to make room for new books.”  Firestone has engaged the services of Better World Books, which sells the books and returns a percentage of the sales to the library and/or donates the books to literacy programs around the world.

Firestone replaced former library director John O'Hare nearly four months ago. He noted he always welcomes input from residents.

“I encourage you to offer your suggestions about the best ways for the Bayport-Blue Point Library to meet the needs of our community,” Firestone said. 


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