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Sayville Holds Annual Science Fair

Lincoln students review science projects.
Lincoln students review science projects.

Sayville Elementary students districtwide showed their inventive sides with their science projects.

If one can imagine canyons of Science Fair project boards filling each gymnasium, it would be a start.

All on the same evening, Sayville parents enjoyed the Annual Districtwide Science Fair Projects at Cherry Avenue, Lincoln Avenue, and Sunrise Drive elementary schools where inventiveness, industry, and creativity were definitely on display.

There were an impressive assortment of topics, ranging from the widely practical to the wildly creative, evoking curiosity and amazement, but all demonstrating the essential elements for scientific research. (Pictures are worth a thousand words, see photos.)

Congratulations go to all the students for their hardwork, but especially to those students (see names below) who were selected to compete in the Brookhaven National Lab Elementary Science Fair* in the spring.

Good luck to all!

The following are the 2014 Science Fair Winners that will be representing Cherry Avenue at BNL Science Fair:

Cherry Avenue School 2014 Science Fair Winners:Kindergarten      Ava Schutte  “Best Shadow Puppets”

Grade 1                Ava Sanchez  “What’s the Fastest Way to Cool a Can of Soda?”
Grade 2              Joseph Malossi  “Which Chocolate Melts the Fastest?”

Grade 3              Robert Desjardins “Are You a Super-Taster?”
Grade 4              Angelina Sagginario “Antibacterial Hand Soap – Hype or Help?”

Grade 5               Jaden Catalina   “Does Watching Scary Movies Increase Your Heart Rate More Than Exercise?”



The following are the 2014 Science Fair Winners that will be representing Lincoln Avenue at BNL Science Fair:
Lincoln Avenue 2014 Science Fair Winners 

Kindergarten       Luke Neugebauer “Hunting M&M’s”

Grade 1                 John Alliegro:   “Cooking with the Sun”

Grade 2                Charles Breen “Which Surface will Make a Remote Control Car  go the Fastest”

Grade 3                  Kaylin Rutherig: “Did Curiosity Kill the Cat?”

Grade 4                  Daniel Weber: “My Lake is Dying”

Grade 5                  Nicholas Gibbons: “Birds Beware?”


The following are the 2014 Science Fair Winners that will be representing Sunrise Drive at BNL Science Fair:

Sunrise Drive 2014 Science Fair Winners 

Grade 1                   Elena Haakonson  “How different activities help/don’t help” concentration

Grade 2                 Emily Hodgkinson   “Tweet Tweet Where do Birdies like to eat?”

Grade 3                 Emily Andersen “Magical Growth”

Grade 4                 Evan Como “Slosh Roll and Slide: How the movability of a vehicle’s load affects its speed”

Grade 5                  Henry Pedisich “Water Holding Capacity”

*Over 100 Suffolk County schools take part every year in BNL's Elementary School Science Fair. Some 470 projects, created by over 500 Suffolk County children ranging from kindergarten to 6th grade, compete.


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